The Five Most Popular Trailer Home Renovations For The Kitchen

With the economy continuing to fluctuate, homeowners of trailers and mobile homes are looking towards renovating areas within their homes rather than looking for new properties to buy. These renovations will often focus on the kitchen first, primarily because this area is not only the largest within any home, but is also the one seen first when visitors arrive. There are five styles of trailer kitchen renovations currently en vogue, and we will go over each one for you here.

Trailer Home Renovations Minimalism Style

One of the hottest trends in home renovations today is minimalism, usually done with older trailers that have seen children raised there. The remaining parents no longer need all of that space, and will begin reducing and changing the space within an area for their new needs. The kitchen is a very popular place to do this, and one of the first changes will involve changing the amount of trailer home cabinets within it. Old cabinetry is removed, and reused in some fashion, perhaps creating a pantry or breakfast island, complete with the vintage trailer home cabinet hardware as decorative touches.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Another popular trend involves turning the most used areas within it into eco-friendly places that save energy. The kitchen, especially, is prime for this, simply by upgrading the appliances within it. To complete the look, owners will often change out trailer home cabinets for natural wood replacements, with more environmentally friendly cabinet hardware to go along with it.

Make It Nicer, Make It Safer

Once the children have moved on, the only pint-sized inhabitants will be the summer visiting grandchildren. That said, concerned grandparents will often opt for the quickest of all trailer home renovations, and take a serious look at the safety of the kitchen and bathroom. Anything that could potentially harm a child by them falling into it, getting locked into by climbing into it, or simply harm them by accident will be reviewed, redesigned and replaced. This will include outlets, cabinets and appliances, among others.

The Hidden Appliance Gambit

Younger couples taking over older trailers have also caught the renovations bug, and have begun changing the traditional look of the kitchens found within them. A growing trend here is having cabinets made to conceal some of the appliances within the kitchen, making it appear bigger and less cluttered in the process. Small to medium appliances, like microwaves are really easy to conceal for this purpose.

The High Tech Kitchen

Another popular trailer home renovations trend among younger owners is to upgrade everything within the home with the best of available high tech gadgetry. This includes installing home security systems, upgrading thermostats, and even replacing appliances in the kitchen with the latest in refrigerators and stoves. It is not unusual to see full size, large capacity refrigerators, confection ovens, and family size washers and dryers replacing what look like miniatures from the old installations

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